Coryne Butler

Ever since Coach Coryne was around 5 years old, she knew wanted to look like the old school super heroines she saw on the tv. 

Her journey into the fitness and competition world began back in January 2010 when she joined the gym as a so-called “resolutioner”  and realized her passion. 

In late 2010 early 2011, she became gravely ill and it wasn’t until early 2012 the reason became clear – lab work revealed she has Celiac disease as well as sever intolerances to dairy, rice, corn, soy and other grains. She started following the paleo diet, healing her body from the inside out and learning as much as she could about how nutrition effects ones overall health. 

Coryne joined Fitbody Fusion back in late 2016 after meeting Yvette Cassandra, and started being coached by head coach, Jami DeBernard. She stepped on the NPC stage three times in 2017 – competing twice in Bikini and the final time moving up and into Figure, where she found her true calling.

Before becoming a coach for Fitbody Fusion in 2018, she was certified as a NASM-CPT in 2017. Coryne prides herself on guiding clients down their own fitness path and helping them reach their goals – whether they compete or not. She says “seeing someone go through such positive mental, physical and emotional changes is truly a humbling experience, and truly an honour.”

Her ideal client is someone who’s hardworking, patient and eager to learn. Honest and open to change. Her clients health and well being are her first priority, and wants to see her clients thrive and succeed. She enjoys working with people from all walks of life and fitness levels. She strives to teach her clients about sustainability, while creating a healthy relationship with exercise and proper nutrition  – train to get the results you want and eat what makes your body happy.  

Outside of fitness and competing she enjoys spending quality time with her family, friends and animals. In addition she also enjoys cooking,  playing bass and going to live shows, watching anime, creating cosplays, and reading. 

IG: aunty_cocolicious


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