About Us

With a team of caring and experienced coaches, FitBody Fusion inspires a movement of belonging and connection within the fitness and wellness community which empowers its athletes to embrace a balanced, individualized and sustainable lifestyle.

From first time competitors, seasoned pros, to people just wanting to live a healthier lifestyle, FitBody Fusion has been a guide to thousands of athletes both on and off-stage. With a team of over 15 coaches we teach members how to live a sustainable lifestyle built around their specific and unique goals. We welcome questions as an opportunity to share information and to teach. It is important for members to understand why they are doing what’s on their program.

Each FitBody Fusion coach has been trained directly under head coach, founder, and IFBB Pro Jami DeBernard. All coaches have done the program for years, so they all know the triumphs and struggles an individual will go through. They help guide clients through the entire process providing individualized training and macro based nutrition protocols tailored to each clients unique goals, lifestyle, and body.  

The FitBody Fusion goal is to understand the client and provide real, truly sustainable, solutions that work for life, giving clients the tools to maintain the physique built while on the team. Whether the goal is a stage, a wedding, a vacation, or just day to day, the FitBody Fusion team provides the  tools and knowledge to carry out these practices long term for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.