Jami’s Story – How it All Started

FitBody Fusion started like many breakthrough businesses; powering through personal breakdowns, holding on to an unshakable faith and belief in a better way, and a strong desire to find the insights to transform not only my life but the lives of others.

I just stepped off the stage of the 2012 Olympia, the world’s top venue for critical acclaim in the fitness industry. This was the same place where Arnold was immortalized, where magazine covers are made, and where the scale for physical comparison peaks. The best of the best in fitness were there. And there I was, at 42 years old, an accomplished business woman, a proud mother, and now, an icon of health and fitness, an inspiration to women everywhere. For as good as I looked, I was the most unhealthy I had ever been in my life and I felt like a fraud.

I asked my coach what I should do next, and he said “take some time off” which translated to, “I’m putting you out to pasture.” For me, every break meant a binge cycle of out of control eating, (you name it, I ate it) and gaining 20-30 pounds, faster than Garfield would win a Lasagna eating contest (the cookie monster would win a cookie eating contest).

My hair was falling out, I hadn’t menstruated in a year, I wasn’t digesting my food, my entire life had been consumed by this competition and there was no after plan. My body was taken to the extreme without regard for physical, mental and emotional health.

I became part of the secret dark side of the industry; fraught with shame, guilt and obsession. I realized I had not only lead myself here, but also lead others; other athletes and people who looked up to me and wanted to be like me. It was then I knew that I had to find a better way for myself and them.

I studied at health institutes with top experts across the globe from Lane Norton to Gabriel Cousins. I studied yoga and meditation in India, and I pursued my PhD in holistic nutrition to build a comprehensive foundation that enabled me to create a program that teaches us the ART of Living; a balanced way to Aspire, Reach, and Thrive with fitness, food and ourselves.

This is the core of Fit Body Fusion.

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