“I really enjoy and respect the work Jami does. She has food and exercise down to a science. Eating has become fun, and I have never eaten so much food, felt so good, and not felt guilty about eating all the food my body wants.”

Sometimes it seems strange that I (have) to eat food, but in a good way.  It used to be, I would eat when I was hungry and then thought I was eating the wrong thing if I ate bread or too many carbs and too much fat. It is nice to know exactly how much I should be eating. No guilt. She and her team showed me exactly what I should be eating with cutting edge proven technology based on my muscle, and fat composition. I have metrics to measure what to eat!

I now make sure I am eating enough fat and carbs for my body and lost weight eating the correct amounts.

So much advice I have gotten over the years from people in fitness is totally bunk. Jamie gets the results and it is easy. No Atkins, No low Carb diets, no pills, potions, or lotions.
I can eat cookies, ice cream and brownies, with my regular meals and still be healthy.
I highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to lose weight, gain weight or just to maintain where you are over time.


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