Competition Tanning Tips


It’s show time! All your hard work is done. All those weeks of early morning cardio and late night training sessions are all for these few moments on stage. Don’t throw it all away by getting a bad tan or not knowing how to fix yours.


First off, you NEED the show tan. No matter how tan you already are, everybody’s skin will look pasty on stage. Plus, the darker your tan is, the more muscle definition will be visible. Here are a few tips to create the perfect competition tan!



This can be done in a booth or outside by the pool. Creating a base prior to show day will create a more even even appearance. Be careful not to tan the week of the show. If you burn, you skin can peel and cause blotchy marks on your tan.



Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate. You want to remove as much excess dead skin as possible. This will also create an even base before getting sprayed. Another reason to exfoliate is so that the tan will stick better.



You guessed it. This is another one to create a smooth base for your tan. The smoother and even your tan is, the more muscle definition you’ll be able to see. But be careful, don’t wax if you’ve never done it prior to the show. This is not the time to try something new. But if you do shave or wax, I recommend to shave the morning of the show or wax two days out.


UH OH! You are green! It’s very common and happens all the time. This can be due to many different things. Lotion on your body. You didn’t rinse well enough in the shower, leaving soap on your body. Your pH levels. Uneven or no base. Through personal experience, I have found that a quick rinse in the shower and getting sprayed again works best. I would do this the morning of the show. In fact, after getting resprayed, my tan looked better than the rest! But be careful and make sure the tanners are still there!


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