What Makes FitBody Fusion Different?

What Makes FitBody Fusion Different?

What Makes FitBody Fusion Different?

What makes the athlete experience with Team FitBody Fusion unique and successful?

To begin with, getting the proper coach with knowledge as well as a solid coach to client relationship is absolutely the most important part of the equation. This is crucial to success whether you are a competitor or someone seeking a healthy lifestyle. So many people put their trust in coaches who do not have their long term best interest in mind. At FitBody Fusion, we take the time to fully listen to each person and, in addition to making their goals our priority, we put their health first. FitBody Fusion coaches are known for being authentic, knowledgeable, individualized and genuine. We take the time to make sure that the coach and athlete are compatible.

Another reason our members experience such long term success is the sustainability of our program. We do not utilize quick fixes or diets that will eventually lead to burnout or cause health issues. Here are a just a few reasons that we are unique and how we are able to provide such a successful coaching experience:

1. Our methods are unique. So many components go into this point but I will keep it simple. Health is our number one focus and our approach is to train smarter not harder.

  • Cardio? How about less cardio, more lifting. Our goal is to keep cardio to a minimum, ideally 1-2 days a week while in a offseason or maintenance mode.
  • We welcome questions as an opportunity to share information and to teach. It is important for members to understand why they are doing what’s on their program.
  • We make sure our members metabolisms are in a good place before launching into show prep or weight loss. If a new member comes to us eating low calories on a restrictive diet, over doing cardio and wants us to prep them for a show in the coming weeks, we will guide them to reverse diet before thinking about a prep. Building the metabolism to get caloric intake nice and high, that’s right, nice and high, is the key to building the desired the physique and to maintain it!. 1200 calorie diets are cookie cutter and not an individualized approach that emphasizes metabolic health.
  • Our members improve and/or repair their relationship with food allowing them to overcome notions of fear or eating and the anxiety that comes with the numbers on the scale. They realize that lifting weights will make them shapely and not bulky and they achieve their truest potential in a healthy and sustainable way.

2. After submitting an application prospective members are provided with a convenient time for a telephone call. During the call we will discuss questions and concerns and provide a description of our culture, our philosophy and our approach. The history of your training and your current metabolic state will be a good starting point and an indicator of what you can expect. Once you begin your journey, we gather more reliable information such as current calories, current training regimen, strong/weak body parts, etc. We will give you a macro plan and training plan that is custom to you and your specific needs. Your plan is made for you and your lifestyle. There are no cookie cutter plans here. With that, we set realistic time frames and tell you how much time will need to invest in your program. Our coaches are authentic, real and show you who we really are, individually. We don’t pretend just to get clients. If we know we’re not compatible, we’re honest and will suggest a different coach from the team if we see a better fit. Bottom line, you and your needs come first.

3. All coaches have done the program so we know the struggles that an individual will go through. You want a coach that will write a plan based on your individual needs and goals and then adjust the plan according to your progress and metabolic response. Remember, a good coach has many “tools” in their tool box, not just the same ones they use for everyone. For optimal results, our coaches will provide the appropriate method and tools at the appropriate time in your plan. Knowing that you have a coach with options and the ability to access the proper resource go give you the best outcome is a core competency for Fit Body Fusion. 4. FitBody Fusion coaches communicate with you by using our custom app which has a
messaging center built into it. This is also where your custom training plan is located so you can monitor progress through pr’s, photos, measurements and so much more! You won’t find this everywhere! You can also text or call us and utilize skype or some sort of video chat for posing. Communicating with your coach is important when you have questions about your program or when life decides to happen. We are here for you when needed and we will help with suggestions on competition suits, cut and color for your chosen contest. We also provide guidance with your entire posing presentation, from the moment you step on stage. We are by your side through your journey. We will check in with you weekly and we will respond to your inquiries promptly. If you are a competitor, prepping with Team FitBody Fusion coaches is very detailed and we provide you with step-by-step information for the duration of your prep. We also guide you through peak week in advance so you are able to prepare and we are connected with you leading into the show and throughout the day of the show. When you step on stage you will feel your absolute best. More importantly, you will feel extremely proud of the physique you brought to the stage.

5. The show is over, now what? For competitors, there is so much focus on the days leading up to the show that they forget the most critical time of all for sustaining a healthy metabolism and making sure you don’t undo all the hard work you have invested. Following your show, a reverse diet will be set in place so that you have a plan ready to go immediately, this part is crucial. You will not be another person with a horror story of a rebound post show because you didn’t know what to do after the big day. No matter what your fitness goals are we focus on setting you up for success for life. This is truly a learning experience and what you will take away from our program you can carry out sustainably through life on and off stage!

Our goal is to simply understand the client and provide the real solution. The next most important part is longevity. Once you’ve completed the program you will have the tools and knowledge to carry out these practices long term for a healthy and sustainable lifestyle!

If you are interested in taking the next step to a realistic and flexible way of nutrition and training, fill out an athlete, lifestyle or transformation application and one of our coaches will be in contact with you shortly!