Reclaim Your Power: Respect Yourself!

It's so easy to get into a powerless mindset. Everything in our society tells us we are not enough... we aren't fit enough, attractive enough, hard working enough, etc. We live in a time where we are praised for hurting ourselves... go hard, take no days off, beast mode. I see trained athletes injuring themselves because nothing is good enough. How does that translate to non-athletes??? They get involved in exercise regimens that their bodies aren't ready for... hurt themselves, or at a minimum, get completely turned off & quit - thinking "fitness is not for me." I have GREAT news!!!! This is not necessary. You get your power back when you start accepting & respecting yourself, and living a life of abundance. I believe that what we focus on and resist, is what persists in our lives. However, we are in control of this. You are enough!!! Does that mean we will shrivel up & stop making progress... NO!!! When we come from this place we feel empowered. We take better care of ourselves... eat better, find exercise activities we like, and don't overdo them & we get more enjoyment out of living our lives! Now that's power!!! Don't let anyone put you down... stand up for yourself, believe in yourself and the results will blow your mind. Remember, when other people put you down its about their own insecurities, so be unshakeable in your conviction. Finally, be open to experience new things and grow. We tend to be attracted to the familiar. We reclaim our power when we allow ourselves to experience all that life has to offer. You are strong... You are powerful... You are a Leader.