Poolside Protein & Mocktails

Poolside Protein & Mocktails

Suns out, guns out...but wait, is that chicken breast and broccoli or a poolside margarita in my hand? Ah, the joys (and challenges) of prep during the peak of summer. While the rest of the world is soaking up sunshine and indulging in carefree fun, we, the dedicated few, are strategizing carb backloading and meticulously tracking macros. BUT summer on prep doesn't have to be a solo mission to the land of lettuce and loneliness. Here's how to navigate those summer outings without derailing your shredded dreams:

1. Embrace the "Mocktail Mastermind":

Let's face it, poolside cocktails are a summer staple. But who says you can't have your fun and your abs too? Embrace your inner mixologist and whip up some

 delicious mocktails that are as refreshing as   they are figure-friendly. Think sparkling water   infused with cucumber and mint, homemade   iced tea with a squeeze of lemon, or even a   fruity smoothie bowl topped with chia seeds   and berries. Bonus points for impressing your   friends with your bartending skills!

2. Pack Your Prepped Picnic Provisions:

BBQs and picnics are a must have summer activity. But navigating BBQs filled with burgers and potato salad can be a minefield for preppers. Pack your own cooler filled with competition-friendly goodies like grilled chicken or fish, veggie skewers, whole-wheat wraps, and a colorful salad packed with protein and healthy fats. You'll be a lifesaver for your fellow health-conscious friends, and you won't have to suffer through FOMO as you watch everyone else indulge.

3. Become the "Activity Queen":

Summer is all about being active. Ditch the poolside lounge chair and suggest fun activities that get everyone moving. Volleyball, frisbee, stand-up paddle boarding – there are endless options that are both enjoyable and calorie-burning. You'll get your workout in, soak up some vitamin D, and have a blast with your friends. Plus, who knows, you might just inspire them to join you on your fitness journey!

4. It's all about balance:

While staying on track is important, don't let prep rob you of the joys of summer. Allow yourself the occasional treat (within reason, of course!). Enjoy a slice of watermelon at a picnic, share a small scoop of ice cream with a friend, or savor a juicy burger on a cheat day. Deprivation is never the answer, and a little flexibility can go a long way in keeping you motivated and sane throughout your prep journey.

5. Find your summer support system:

Surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people is crucial during any competition prep, and summer is no exception. Lean on your fellow preppers, share your struggles and triumphs, and celebrate each other's successes. Having a cheering squad in your corner will make the journey towards that coveted stage even more rewarding. Want FitBody Fusion in your corner? Reach out for a FREE consultation! 

Remember, summer on prep is all about making smart choices and finding ways to have fun while staying on track. Embrace your creativity, get active, and don't be afraid to indulge in moderation. With a little planning and a positive mindset, you can conquer your competition goals and still have a summer to remember!

The stage awaits, and with these tips, you'll be strutting onto it feeling confident, shredded, and summer-kissed.