5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Bikini Competition

5 Things You Should Know Before Your First Bikini Competition
So you like the glitz and glam of bikini competitions and you are contemplating your first show? But do you know what it really takes behind the scenes? Anybody can say they want to get all tan, shredded, and strut their stuff on a stage, but are they really willing to put in the work? Competing will definitely test your limits, but also help build a huge amount of discipline and willpower at the same time. The commitment it takes to prep for a show is 12-16 weeks of pure dedication, persistence, and consistency. But if you are up for the challenge, here are some things you should consider before entering your first competition. Ask yourself these two questions.
  1. What is your purpose for competing? Know your why.
  2. How long will it really take you to get ready?
Girls compete for many different reasons. Some do it for the confidence or even set it as a goal to accomplish to check off their bucket list. I personally compete because I love the challenge and the satisfaction I feel when I step off that stage. Whatever your reason is, make sure it holds value to you. No matter what your purpose is to compete, you want to make sure you allow yourself enough time to prep. A "typical" prep time is around 12 weeks, but that does not mean that that is the right amount of time for you. We sometimes choose 14-16 week preps for our athletes to allow them enough time to become show ready without going to the extremes or hours of cardio a day and no carb diets. We want our athletes to be fueled and energized when show day comes! You don't want to rush this process. There are no shortcuts. Slow and steady wins the race.
Competing is not a cheap hobby. The expense of doing a bikini competition is sometimes the determining factor whether you decide to compete or not. It gets quite pricey. There are a few essential components that should not be left aside. Give yourself a budget. Here are a few essentials to consider and an average price of each. Here are a few essentials to consider and an average price of each. -coach: $250-$500 per month -heels: $30-$60 -jewelry: $20-$60 -suit: $200-$500 -npc card: $125 -entry fee: $100-$200 -stage photos: $80-$150 -hotel: $200-$400 -makeup and hair: $150-$200 -tan: $150 -food, supplements, etc. $400+ per month You are looking at a price tag of over $2,000! Like I said, It's NOT cheap and you can't be cheap about it either. These things should not be overlooked and are very important during your prep! Never actually been to a show before? Now is a good time! you don't want to compete in a show until you have actually attended one. When attending a local show, you are able to see many parts of the competition from an outsider's perspective. You get to determine if you can really see yourself on that stage next to all those other girls. Check out the hosting production company and see the ways things are ran and set up. Be sure to watch both prejudging and finals so you understand the difference. When you are at finals, pay close attention to the women who place. This is when you will get a better idea of what the judges may be looking for and the standard held for the bikini division. This is a perfect time to pay attention to posing as well! You can pick up on helpful things that will help your when your time comes! Going into your first show alone is very hard,and doing it alone for the first time is a fool's errand. . Get a coach and listen to them! This is a lesson I learned the hard way. Check your ego at the gate and find a coach you can trust. Then commit to their guidance and advice. I You might think competing is going to be "easy" and you can do it on your own. ven the top Bikini Pros still rely on great coaches! Getting ready for a show and being mindful of pose, form, body composition, and coaching yourself is like DIY brain surgery - it won't end well. Having a coach will take away all the guess work and lay out a clear plan and path ahead. All you have to do is follow it to the letter. When you have questions, you'l have somebody to ask and answer them. And a final note on this tip, coaches are not just "coaches" who guide you to the stage. We help you stay grounded the whole way there, providing you support and encouragement. Choose a coach that is right for you and that will not only keep you healthy, but happy as well! You cannot expect to be show ready all year long. And you can't be in prep mode 12 months out of the year. This is a hard concept to grasp once you go through the hard work during prep you see your body and all it's physical changes. Many competitors will binge eat and engorge themselves the week after the show and wonder why they are feeling depressed and unhappy with their "new look". They are called the Post show blues, and they are real. Don't let them happen to you! I always like to give new competitors a heads up about what to do post show. After coming off a strict and low caloric diet, it's easy to go crazy and enjoy all the things you restricted during prep. Instead of going on this binge, it is important to incorporate a reverse diet that your coach provides for you. This is the slow addition of calories back into your diet, and if this process is done right, you can still remain lean with minimal to no body fat gain. Are you ready to start? Now that you have read a few important things to consider before competing in your very first bikini competition, it is time to decide if it is something that you are interested in and ready to commit to! To get started on your journey to the stage and to find the best coach for you, set up a free 30 minute consultation with one of our FitBody Fusion coaches today!