Yvette Montero

Coach Yvette found her passion for bodybuilding after discovering that the world of half marathons and bootcamp classes were just not yielding the results she craved: a lean muscular physique like the women she saw doing bodybuilding competitions. She changed her focus from just ‘weightloss’ to one more suited toward building muscle, found the world of bodybuilding and macro tracking and her life was changed! She concentrated on learning as much as possible about nutrition and training while focusing on building muscle by lifting heavier and choosing whole foods that fit her macros. Yvette fell in love with the whole bodybuilding lifestyle and finally stepped onto the NPC stage with FitBody Fusion in 2016 and came away with her first national qualification, after that the bikini competitor fire was lit!

Coach Yvette is a true example of what this lifestyle looks like – she loves her time in the gym, which is usually about an hour for 5 or 6 days a week, she is vegan, but her nutrition is still flexible with a focus on whole plant based foods. She strives to teach her clients the importance of nutrition while still meeting their goals, enjoying the foods they eat, and creating a lifestyle they can sustain with zero limitations on food choices or restrictions. Her goal is to empower her clients to take this journey on their own while maintaining the physique they build together.

Yvette is a coach who understands her clients goals and has the knowledge to help them find success while keeping health and well-being as their catalyst for change. She often asks her clients for full transparency, full disclosure, and full dedication. This allows her to understand and adapt to each clients individual needs, lifestyle, and goals; whether they can make it to the gym just 3 days a week or 6, if they need 3 meals or 5, that transparency allows her to create the optimal program that is unique to each individual. As a competitor herself, and asa coach- stage presence is also very important to Yvette. She is often found posing her athletes deep into the off-season all the way through peak week. This ensures they are not only bringing their personal best to the stage, but can confidently showcase it too!

When she’s not coaching, researching nutrition, posing clients, or training- you can find Yvette vintage swing dancing, exploring art galleries and coffee shops while traveling or collecting tattoos.

IG: yvette.cassandra


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