Yvette (Garcia) Montero


I was a petite and skinny kid that was NEVER active.. In fact you’d be more likely to find me curled up with a book in my room then out playing with friends.  Because I was so thin, my parents really never worried about how active I was or what I ate, in fact, I was the kid that had my parents write a note to get me out of running the mile in PE, and ate ice cream before dinner as often as I wanted.

Turns out, a high-school girls metabolism lasts about as long as high-school.. aaaand once those days were over I started to gain weight. No, I was never extremely heavy but I think it was for that reason that I let my bad choices continue for way too long. Understandably, by the time I was 22 I couldn’t have been more unhappy with my body and the rut I had fallen into with my own eating habits.


I knew something had to change. I started with a little bit of my own research and initiated a lifestyle change slowly: cutting portions initially, which progressed into calorie counting, added in bootcamp style workouts, and running. I even progressed as far as running 3 half marathons in 2013. Despite the calorie restriction and hundreds of miles under my feet I wasn’t really building the body I wanted: athletic and lean! The weight was coming off slowly, but there was nothing underneath! You’ve heard the term “skinny-fat,” well, that was me. Turns out all those women’s websites, blogs, and magazines were wrong; 1200 calories, a ton of cardio, and 5lb weights aren’t the answer!


After talking to a bikini competitor in my local nutrition shop, I started looking for weight training programs and doing hours of research online. Turns out heavy weights, minimal cardio, and way more food were the keys to building the physique I wanted! Not to mention, weight lifting is way more fun than running ever was.


Fitbody Fusion has taught me just how enjoyable the fitness journey can be when done correctly. Learning from a coach who understands your goals, has the knowledge to help you reach them; keeps your health and well-being at the forefront is truly the best decision I’ve made along my fitness path. No drastic calorie deprivation, no denying myself the foods I enjoy, no endless cardio sessions, but rather learning to maintain a lifestyle of sustainable moderation that both feeds my progress and keeps me in the right frame of mind.


Overall I’m down almost 30 pounds, and under the personal direction of coach Jami DeBernard have recently become a nationally qualified bikini competitor. As an ambassador for Fitbody Fusion my primary goal is to motivate & encourage others through my own experiences, both past and day to day. Keeping a goal in front of me has demanded that I put in the work to attain it, but it’s this team that has given me the knowledge and direction to turn those goals into success.

IG: yvette.cassandra


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