Date Name City State
1/10/2020 Cuties Conquering the Stage Alexandria VA
2/15/2020 Sacramento Posing Seminar (2-4pm at ultimate fitness) Sacramento CA
2/22/2020 Legends Classic – Muscle Contest Las Vegas NV
7/11/2020 NorCal Sacramento CA
7/11/2020 IFBB/NPC Wasatch Warrior Salt Lake City UT
7/11/2020 Patriots Challenge Las Vegas NV
7/18/2020 Omaha Pro Omaha NE
7/25/2020 Virginia Classic & Clash of the Titans Woodbridge VA
7/31/2020 Tampa Pro Tampa FL
8/8/2020 Midwest Naturals Kirkwood MO
8/8/2020 Lehigh Valley Championships Allentown PA
8/22/2020 World Klash/ Border Klash Ft. Meyers FL
8/29/2020 Pacific USA San Diego CA
8/29/2020 Jr. USA’s Charelston SC
9/2/2020 Pittsburgh Pro Masters Pittsburgh PA
9/2/2020 NPC North Americans (3) Day Pittsburgh PA
9/19/2020 WOS Steelfit Hurricane Bay Clearwater Beach FL
9/21/2020 All South Muscle Championship Littel Rock AK
10/3/2020 Big Cat Classic Allentown PA
10/10/2020 Battle In the Desert San Marcos TX
10/12/2020 NPC Masters Nationals (3) Day Orlando FL
10/17/2020 Sacramento Championships Sacramento CA
10/17/2020 Nebraska State Championship Omaha NE
10/17/2020 Nashville Fit Show Nashville TN
10/17/2020 Chicago Pro Atlanta GA
10/24/2020 Whitney Jones Classic Phoenix AZ
11/7/2020 All South Championships St. Augustine FL
11/7/2020 San Antonio Classic San Antonio TX
11/7/2020 Mid-Atlantic Open, Armed Forces, VA State Woodbridge VA
11/12/2020 Bikini Universe Charelston NC
11/14/2020 Iowa Pro Des Moines IA
11/20/2020 NPC Nationals (2 Day) Miami FL
11/21/2020 MC Iron Games Culver City CA
11/21/2020 Ultimate Physique & Pennsilvania State Championships Allentown PA
11/28/2020 FitBody Fusion Atlantic Coast Masters Bikini; 40+ Ft Lauderdale FL
12/5/2020 WOS Arizona Pro/AM Phoenix AZ
12/5/2020 Governors Cup Sacramento CA
12/11/2020 USA Championships Los Angelas CA
12/12/2020 Masters USA Los Angelas CA
12/12/2020 Holiday Classic Ft Lauderdale FL
12/16/2020 Olympia Amateur Las Vegas NV
12/16/2020 Olympia Las Vegas NV
2/20/2021 San Antonio Posing Seminar San Antonio TX

Volunteer With The Team!

FitBody Fusion will have a team presence at all the shows below! If you see a event you are interested in coming out to and volunteering at the booth with your teammates, please submit your info in the form below the schedule.

While at the booth, this is a great time to meet your teammates, interact with other like minded individuals and also have the opportunity to watch an NPC/IFBB competition! Usual times are 9am-3pm for prejudging and 5pm-10pm for finals. You can volunteer for one or both.

Our event coordinator will send you further details!

Volunteer With The Team!




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