Shelby Pierce

Shelby is a certified personal trainer and an IFBB Bikini Pro Athlete. She was an athlete through high school and went on to pursue the health and fitness world after; initially teaching bootcamp style classes and eating the magical 1200 calorie combination, which maintained her small frame, but had no progression attached to it whatsoever. She spent the following years educating herself through continued education and research, then opened her first gym which brought joy and passion to her life, but she still felt there was a gap. She then began her own competition journey in 2016 with interest in taking on a new challenge for herself and to further herself and grow as a personal trainer. Shelby had little knowledge of what the sport would be like nor the purpose it would bring to her life. After competing in her first show she was hooked and the interest in the sport became much deeper. In 2017, she went on to earn her IFBB pro card at her first national show and it was during this timeframe of experiences she knew she found her niche.

Shelby is a compassionate coach that understands unique battles and situations come up and is dedicated to overcoming diversity and the mental blocks attached to bodybuilding. It’s simple: she believes if you aren’t achieving it one way, you just change the approach and take a different path. After all, there is power found in tenacity and resilience. Shelby believes the true key to success is for your plan to evolve with your lifestyle and allow you to actually enjoy it and make it a part of who you are. Health and fitness are an ongoing journey and Shelby is here to spread her passion and positivity to as many as she can while driving life changing, lasting results. She pushes each client to their fullest potential and helps them see that anything is possible. She encourages her clients to ask questions as this is a learning and teaching experience as well. This also makes for better understanding of the client to provide the real solution as well as longevity for each individual. Shelby expects her clients to stay true to their commitment, remember their why, and be 100% open with communication and place full effort in the process. Her favorite part about coaching is the breakthroughs and successes each of her clients will experience.

When she’s not coaching, supporting her clients or training herself you can catch her exploring for the best brunch spots on the weekends with her husband, hitting all the new coffee shops and showing her two dogs new adventures outdoors.

IG: shelbypierceifbb


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