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Myfitnesspal is an essential application that makes it incredibly easy to log your food, track your fitness goals and interact with a great community. This is one app you’ll want to take with you where ever you go. Head over to the MyFitnessPal site and create your free account.

Specific Foods

FitBody Fusion Foodies

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Connect with teammates and coaches on our Instagram accounts! Make sure to tag @fitbodyfusion directly pictures and #TeamFitBodyFusion!  Also, check out our special macro page @fitbodyfusionfoodies to find recipes, macro hacks, and tips from all of our FBF members. Don’t forget to tag us in yours too so we can share!

Muscle Eggs

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Muscle eggs are a versatile, tasty, pasteurized high protein, egg white product that you can cook with, add to your shakes and beverages. There are many flavors to choose from.

Quest Nutrition


Unlike so many calorie and sugar filled options, Quest bars are lean and delicious protein bars that are a go-to favorite of pros alike. Quest has many other high protein food options- so be sure to check them out.

Pamcakes' Pancakes


After using various protein powders and creating lots of tasty recipes over the years, Pam realized she could create a simple shortcut in developing this pancake mix. Fast forward to today, and this is a staple in hers and our daily diet to keep us on track for staying full, staying fit, and maintaining taste-bud sanity. They are low carb and high protein!! Shop and use team code “FBF” for 20% off your order.

Food Delivery

Fit Eats

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Save time and order your pre prepped food from Fit Eats. All meals are macro-friendly and include nutrition labels. Enjoy options from breakfast to dinner! Order online and save 5% off delivery with code “fitfusion5” or visit in store and receive 10% off your order! Check out the menu and order here.

HK Meals


Fresh Mediterranean meal prep with a purpose. HK Meals decided to take this a step further with their No Child Hungry Project.  HK Meals gives a meal to a child in need for every 10 meals purchased. Lets help them feed kids that need all the help they can get! Shipping open to Phoenix and surrounding area residents. Use Code “FITBODYFUSION” to save 10%. Order here!

Eat Rite Foods

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Meal prep made easy! Let us help you eat healthier with a simple click of a button. Fresh macro friendly meals made just for you. No contracts or commitments, just great food when you need and want it! Use team code HANA10 to save!

Icon Meals

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If you are busy with no time to meal prep, you can order your meals fully prepped, weighed, and delivered to you from Icon Meals. Save 10% by using team code “FBF” and following the link here.

Gym Gear

Versa Gripps


A Self-Supporting Grip assist designed to enhance muscle isolation and optimize performance. Versa Gripps eliminate the need for gloves, hooks, and lifting straps. Find out more HERE, and order online.

Squeeze Me Skinny


They are ideal for slimming and shaping the figure by a perfect fit, while reducing the effect of sweating. To see the many options, visit their site here. Enter coupon code “FBF” to save on your purchase!

The XBands


Lift, Shape and Raise your booty with The Booty Bands! Get the full set and add them to your leg day workout for a extra special burn in your booty and hamstrings. Use team code “fbf” for extra savings! Visit their site here!

IPR Fitness


It’s been said that time x intensity – results. That’s only true if you maximize the effectiveness of your efforts in any given time. This is where traditional equipment falls short. IPR Fitness products remedy this shortcoming. Their attachments focus your movements on the muscle group you’re targeting.
Use team discount code “FBF” to save!


Formula Nation

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Formula Nation is a low priced supplement company that specializes in carrying high quality supplements. They strive to meet those prices of Bodybuilding.com. FN is an online retailer, with a few store fronts in the San Jose area. Shop in person or online and use team code “fbf” for free shipping!

Total Nutrition


Total Nutrition is a health and nutritional supplement store that is committed to helping you gain knowledge about products and lifestyle changes so you can achieve your nutritional goals and live a healthy and active life. Find out more on their site. Mention FitBody Fusion at any Sacramento location to receive 20% off your purchase.

1st Phorm


At 1st Phorm we search out and source only the highest quality ingredients to go into each of our products. With 1st Phorm, you won’t find fillers… just top grade, premium, result-driven ingredients in their prime efficacious dose. And as always, all 1st Phorm products are made right here in the USA. Use the link here for free shipping.

Black Stone Labs


Blackstone Labs, the hardcore holy grail of supplements. We feel that our motto truly encompasses what we are as a company. We know what bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts want, which is why we are so tirelessly dedicated to giving it to you.” Use discount code “yvette.cassandra” to save hen you shop!

Competition Exclusives

NPC News Online


The National Physique Committee is the premier amateur physique organization in the world. Get the latest in NPC news to be informed about current events, schedules, exclusive interviews, rules, training and highlights



Check out the official IFBB site for rules, regulations, events and more. The site provides accurate information on events, news, rules, history and, in general, all the activities carried on by IFBB and the affiliated continental and national federations.

Spectrum Fitness Productions

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Check out this site to review competition results, listen to interviews, or buy tickets to upcoming events.

Gary Udit

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Jump on the Gary Udit site for great resources on upcoming events, training, and posing.

Metro Flex


Check out Metro Flex Gym to learn more about upcoming events  and the see the latest photos and videos!

Klash Series

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The Klash Series

Center Stage Rentals


Are you looking for a competition bikini but don’t want to spend $600+? Rent one today with Center Stage Rentals.Fully stoned CJs Elite, Toxic Angelz, and Angel Competition bikini rentals! All colors and sizes. Direct Message Pam and reserve yours today! Mention FitBody Fusion and receive a discount on your suit!

Toxic Angelz Custom Bikinis


Check out their website to see the handmade custom bikinis, made with Swarovski crystal elements. If you are a FitBody Fusion athlete, you will receive a special discount if you mention FBF and your coach.

The Shoe Fairy

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Looking for the best competition heels and jewelry around? Shop The Shoe Fairy for show day must haves! Use team code “Fitbodyfusion” to save.

Other Recommended Resources



Get fit while you sit! With SitTight you will engage in a core workout the entire time you are at your desk or just sitting around! Visit here to learn more and purchase your own.


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