Nicole Desmond

Coach Nicole discovered her passion for fitness at an early age starting off playing basketball for 11 years and Varsity and Travel volleyball once reaching high school. After high school, with no sports/ athletic outlet, she found the weight room and fell in love instantly. She became obsessed with learning as much as she could about weight training and started spending every day at her college Rec Center lifting weights.


Falling into the routine of training, and finally getting a handle on nutrition in the process, she started to see the physical changes in her body that were a direct result of her efforts; she was hooked. Other girls in the gym were doing competitions and kept urging her to try, so she signed up for one and became addicted to the process; she had finally found her athletic outlet that she had been missing since her younger years. Nicole competed in her first bodybuilding show in May of 2017, placing 2nd (snagging a National Qualification), and her second show in July of 2017 where she won her Open, Novice, and Novice Overall Bikini Classes. She went on to do Miami Nationals in November of 2017, and has since hit the National Stage 8 times in 2018 and 2019 with team FitBody Fusion by her side to chase her Pro Card.


Nicole is the definition of what living a healthy and balanced lifestyle looks like – hitting the gym and staying active is ingrained in her daily habits. She loves choosing nutritious and whole foods, while occasionally fitting in fun things here and there, all while tracking macros to meet her goals. She strives to teach her clients that fitness and nutrition should be a lifestyle that is fun and works FOR them and not against them, leading by example by still living her life fully in and out of prep. By educating them on the importance of nutrition and how to fuel their bodies, while still maintaining balance and flexibility so they don’t feel restricted, she pushes her clients to form new sustainable habits that they can take with them into all aspects of life.


Nicole is a coach who aims to help her clients engrain new habits that work with their lifestyle. She asks for full transparency and dedication, whether it be from lifestyle or competitors, but also reminds her clients that progress is more important than perfection. Helping her clients reframe their minds to see food as fuel, without feeling restricted against foods they enjoy, is her main goal. Mindset is everything and she uses positivity with a little tough love to ensure her clients are sticking to their goals while still enjoying life.


Nicole works full time as a Market Research Analyst for an engineering company, utilizing her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and also works part time writing proposals for GE Healthcare. When she’s not working, competing, or in the gym, you can find Nicole jamming out to EDM or Country music at festivals, snowboarding or hiking in the mountains, reading a good book cuddled up with her dog, or spending time with friends and family.

IG: colieycole


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