“OMG, these kale chips taste better than Pringles!”

“WAIT. Have you tried Trader Joe’s new Edamame bites? Sooo good.”

“Doritos? Why not eat carrots ????— Their crunchy too!”

Know someone in your life that talks like that? ???????? Course you do (I might be one of them). We all know a few “Health Nuts” who just L-O-V-E eating nutritious foods. And you know what? More power ✊???? to ‘em! If they love swapping beans for burgers ???? or carrots ???? for chips, have at it!

But the majority of people are not in that camp, though. In fact, for many, eating the recommended 5️⃣-6️⃣ servings of fruits ???? and veggies ???? per day can be a real struggle! But the reality is that eating healthy foods is important. Like super-duper important‼️ Not only for our health, but for our hunger, energy, and ultimately how good we feel.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be miserable either…Sure, it’ll require some sacrifice and discipline, but if you can build habit around eating them, you’ll set yourself up for success.

Here are 8️⃣ of my favorite Healthy Eatin’ Habits:

1️⃣ Plan healthy foods into your daily plan ???????? (so you don’t have to think about it)

2️⃣ Make healthy foods convenient by prepping them beforehand.

3️⃣ Eat them FIRST ☝???? at meals.

4️⃣ Stick to ones you actually enjoy eating!

5️⃣ Buy ‘em in bulk (this’ll save you some $$$)

6️⃣ Add some flavor (you don’t have to eat ‘em bland, you know)

7️⃣ Get creative with your cookin’.

8️⃣ Don’t fear frozen (no, frozen is NOT ❌ unhealthy)

Something else to add…While it’s important to eat plenty of nutritious foods, don’t be afraid to let your guard down and enjoy some not-as-nutritious foods on occasion. Life’s about having fun and enjoying yourself.

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