Lee Anne Dunson

Lee Anne is passionate about all things holistic health, functional medicine, nutrition, and fitness. Lee Anne was led to health coaching 17 years ago after struggling with severe anxiety, restrictive food habits and through her journey, she found a true calling to help others.


Lee Anne is certified in Holistic Nutrition & Fitness. She has spent additional time in nursing, functional medicine, hormone health, and gut health, learning from incredible teachers and practitioners. Lee Anne’s specialty and area of interest is based in hormonal health and gut health, and she is a proud science nerd who is often reading or listening to everything she can on women’s health & anti-aging. Her mission is to help women live their healthiest, happiest lives, and create a culture and a future that encourages others to live to their fullest potential in every way. Her coaching style aims to support her clients to cultivate a positive relationship with their body, food and activity, helping them to feel empowered, educated and capable of making healthy choices for their own wellbeing.


One of Lee Anne’s personal fitness related accomplishments was transforming her physique using flexible dieting, getting the glutes she had dreamed of and at 49 years old, taking the overall at Border Klash, and beating out women almost 15 yrs younger, but her greatest accomplishment is her 4 kids, 2 year old grandson and her 28 year marriage to her soulmate, Sean. Lee Anne loves to show other Momma’s that they can’t serve from an empty cup and how she incorporates self care with being a busy Momma.


Lee Anne resides in Nashville, TN with her husband, her 3 dogs and her youngest daughter. In her free time she enjoys working out, being on the lake, playing with her 3 dogs and getting to make memories with her grandson. You can also spot her trying out new local foodie spots.

IG: leeannedunson


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