Kristy Imsande

Sports were always Kristy’s go-to while growing up in a broken household, they were the outlet Kristy needed after school. She played every sport possible until high school when she decided to stick with competitive cheerleading. Competitive cheerleading became Kristy’s world, it was her main focus to escape from family issues, to be with her best friends/teammates, and coaches who lifted her up and helped mold her into the person she is today. 

Health and fitness have always been a top priority with being involved in sports. With having morning, evening workouts, practicing, and events on the weekends, there was no other option other than to be in tip-top shape. Kristy started going to Arizona State University during her freshmen year of college for business because she wanted to open up her own gym. Kristy decided to move back home to try out for the University of Minnesota cheer team and pursue a degree in nutrition. Little did she know nutrition and personal training would become her ultimate passion. 

Kristy first stepped on stage in October of 2017, and that is where everything started. Kristy had found a new love, a new passion, and a new drive for competing, and fitness. Every experience Kristy has been through with competing, she has learned from each one to make her a supportive, loving, understanding coach. Kristy is passionate about helping others and sharing her love and passion for bodybuilding, and making others confident in who they are and how they feel on the inside and out. 

Kristy is a tough love kind of coach. Her clients are very important to her and she expects them to give her there all, to be open and honest, and trusting. Kristy’s top priority for her clients, being as healthy as possible, educating them,  and showing them that she is always available to discuss anything and be there to fully support them. 

Outside of competing, Kristy enjoys trying new foods, hiking, and traveling to new places with her husband, Derek, and being the best dog mom to her fur baby hank.

IG: Kristyimsande


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