Jourdanne Lee

Jourdanne is a Canadian native, who spent her younger years as a competitive gymnast and volleyball player. Jourdanne graduated from University on a full academic scholarship, and started her career in Business Technology. Eventually Jourdanne’s career expanded into something that reconnected her to her athletic background – competing and coaching!


In 2015 Jourdanne competed in the NPC for the first time, and quickly experienced the life of a competitor – the prep lifestyle and all of its demands. Her experience was very restricted and limited in regard to balance. She left competing and never thought she would return again, until 2 years later when she decided to give competing another shot coaching herself in a new way that was healthy and flexible. 


Jourdanne coached herself achieving her IFBB PRO status at North Americans in 2017. Although she had success achieving this goal on her own, she knew that in order to compete successfully at the professional level, she needed the guidance of a coach who shared the same beliefs and goals. 


Fast Forward to 2018 when Jourdanne met Jami DeBernard, Founder of FitBody Fusion who took her under her wing. With Jami’s guidance Jourdanne earned several top 5 placings, victories, and a spot in the 2019 Olympia which was the toughest qualification year. During this time, Jourdanne knew she wanted to teach how she was able to compete in a healthy holistic way, and that is when she began coaching.


Health has always been Jourdanne’s number one priority for herself and her athletes. As a natural competitor, Jourdanne knew her coaching style was going to take a holistic approach. With that, her specialization is in natural athletes, making internal health a priority and teaching that athletes can have longevity competing, or maintaining a lifestyle with balance that will allow them to accomplish their goals.


Whether you want to compete, transform, or lead a balanced lifestyle, Jourdanne can help guide you! Continue to watch Jourdanne as an IFBB Pro and Coach as she peruses positively impacting the fitness industry!

IG: jourdanne__


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