Jessica Quillian

Coach Jessica grew up living a very active lifestyle playing sports and taking dance classes. Jessica’s mom introduced her to fitness at the age of 15. After countless hours and years in the gym, she wanted something else to work toward. After continuously looking through many fitness magazines, she decided that she wanted to get into the world of competing, in 2011, Jessica stepped on stage for the first time and was hooked. She competed for a while and finally discovered FitBody Fusion in 2013 and never looked back.


Jessica was brought onto FitBody Fusion as a coach in 2015 and knew that coaching was right for her, it wasn’t just about getting shredded and stepping on stage, coaching was about being a positive influence in people’s lives while creating change for her clients. Jessica’s favorite part of coaching is helping people lead healthier lives and realize their true potential; whether they are stepping on stage or strictly transforming their lifestyle. Coaching is about teaching her clients that fitness is a lifestyle and not just a quick, temporary fix for weight loss or a means to an end.  Jessica’s approach is about embracing each client’s individual journey and being flexible with their goals. Losing weight and gaining lean muscle is a huge part of anyone’s journey and a large part of what Jessica strives to accomplish with each of her clients; but she chooses to dive in deeper with everyone. She not only helps her clients get into the best shape of their lives, she works with her clients to build a positive mindset, which in turn leads to eliminating self-doubt and negative body image issues. A positive mind breeds positive results.


Jessica embraces clients from all walks of life: from competitors to postpartum mamas, she has experienced it all! Through her experiences as a competitor and a mother, Jessica relates to many of her clients and the stages of life they are going through. Clients who challenge her, who aren’t’ afraid to ask questions, yet also follow her guidance are ideal. Jessica is compassionate yet tough. Accountability is something that she doesn’t take lightly. Jessica has the knowledge, education, and experience with helping clients overcome binge eating disorders, maintain a fit pregnancy and with postpartum fitness and nutrition, as well as extreme weight loss. Jessica has nine years of experience in the competition world, and over 10 years in the health and fitness industry.


Outside of fitness and competing, Jessica enjoys spending quality time with her husband, son, and two dogs. Additionally, her passion and eye for interior design leads her to tap into her creative side through interior design courses and renovating her own home.

IG: jessicaquillian


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