Jen Melvin

Coach Jen was introduced to fitness and healthy eating at a very early age by her mom who would routinely bring her to her jazzercise classes and pack things in her lunchbox like raw mushrooms, as you can imagine, no kid wanted to trade items with Jen. Jen’s love of being physically active and good nutrition started in high school when she discovered triathlons. She spent the next several years training and competing in triathlons. Even though she was in great shape, her body never looked the way she wanted it to and she was unsure of how to make the desired changes happen. Jen realized quickly after having two daughters that she no longer had the time to train for triathlons and she discovered the world of weight lifting and flexible dieting which changed her life and her physique. To further her knowledge and love of nutrition, she went back to school and became certified in Sports Performance and Nutrition through San Diego State University and is currently completing two more nutrition certifications. 


Coach Jen has a deep passion for helping people reach their health and physique goals by guiding them in creating a sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. One of Jen’s favorite things about being a coach is when her clients have that “ah-ha” moment and realize that there is nothing fancy, complicated, or hard in creating a well rounded, healthy, sustainable and enjoyable lifestyle. Jen’s philosophy is that it’s all about mastering the basics: good sleep, healthy yet flexible nutrition, training with weights, stress management, and proper hydration. 


Jen is a great fit for anyone who wants to look their best by doing it in a sustainable way. She can create a lifestyle that can be maintained through holidays, vacations, parties, etc. A lifestyle where you don’t need to “diet” by cutting out certain food groups or doing hours of cardio. Coach Jen understands the demands of life/work/family life, as she is a wife of 20 years and the mother of two teenage daughters, she knows what it takes to run a household and take care of everyone else’s needs yet still prioritize her own health. Coach Jen truly believes that when we take care of ourselves, we can take better care of the ones we love. She has the knowledge, experience, and passion to guide clients in creating a lifestyle that is individualized to their unique life – rooted in the foundation of good overall health.


Aside from coaching Jen enjoys growing her knowledge on the latest scientific research in nutrition and fitness and hiking with her family in the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz. Coach Jen has a love for reading, and her favorite way to end most nights is with a good book. She also loves to cook classic comfort meals for the family but with healthier twist… and no mushrooms.

IG: jen.melvin


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