Hana Devore

Coach Hana began her bodybuilding journey in 2013, when she was tired of only doing cardio and wanted to make a real change in her physique. She began lifting weights in a small, quiet gym to build her confidence; soon after was able to join a big gym and train with professionals. In 2014, she met Coach Jami DeBernard and was on her first NPC stage 3 weeks later, winning her class and going straight to Nationals.

After becoming an IFBB Pro, she felt that it was time to use her knowledge to help other women achieve the same life-changing benefits of bodybuilding. She had learned so much from Jami, not only about how to achieve a dream body but also how to balance life, career, relationships and health. It was time to share that with the world.

Coach Hana’s favorite part of coaching is seeing her clients go from fearing food to truly enjoying it, eating more, and looking better than ever! Many of her clients have learned how to eat at restaurants and travel, while at the same time making huge improvements to their physiques. When it comes to health, Hana firmly believes in prioritizing the mind just as much as the body. She incorporates various mental health strategies into her coaching, including mediation, breath work, yoga, and biohacking.

As a Marketing professional, Hana loves to work with women who also have to carefully balance their busy lives. By helping them learn how to carefully plan and structure their fitness journey, Hana is able to get them the results they want – while helping them become happier and more fulfilled in their lives!

Outside of fitness, Hana loves to walk her rescue dogs, travel with her boyfriend, and eat fun food around the world!

IG: hana_devore


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