Women’s Figure

The Women’s Figure Division is one of the most challenging divisions. Having the right amount of muscle, symmetry, and balance to your physique is key. FitBody Fusion coaches know Figure, from the posing to the hair and makeup. Your coach will be with you every step of the way, supporting you, encouraging you, and guiding you from the moment you start to the moment you walk off the stage. You’ll hit the stage confident, and looking your best.

FitBody Fusion Headquarters is based out of Northern California, but our services and team expand across the nation. All of our athletes and coaches are very encouraging and supportive of one another and we have established not only a team, but a family of competitors who have all come together with the same goal in mind.

A team coach(es) will always be at ANY National Level Show to ensure that you have the support and guidance you need to feel confident when you are about to step on that stage.

When you hit the off season, your coach will make sure you have a smooth transition, maintaining your metabolism and avoiding the post-show crash so many competitors experience!

Your Comprehensive Figure Prep Package Includes:

Remote Coaching

Weekly check-ins

Customized macro diet plans

Weekly diet updates and re-evaluations

Custom workouts and updates

Group workouts/posing clinics (schedule permitting)

Access to over 100 workout tutorial videos

Metabolic optimization and post-show planning

Carefully planned and monitored peak week

Access to Trainerize app and website

Individual posing sessions

Backstage support at all National Level shows and other shows as needed

Pre-Event Support: Assistance with suit selection, hair and make-up, tanning for show day

Continuous guidance and team camaraderie

Supplement direction

How To Get Started

In your first session with a coach, you’ll be discussing your current lifestyle, past experiences,  fitness levels, nutrition habits, and your story. Your coach will evaluate your situation and determine what it will take to get you stage ready. She will then select a show for you if you haven’t chosen one already. Your coach will use this information to handcraft your nutrition and fitness plan tailored to your needs.

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to check in with your coach, make any adjustments to fine tune your program, and get support on any part of the program that requires additional help.

After your first meeting with your coach, within 24 hrs you will receive your personalized plan in Trainerize. You’ll be learning some new information and building some new healthy habits along the way. Your coach will have a game-plan to get you prepped for you show.


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