Men’s Physique & Classic Physique

The competition is stiff! With the Men’s Physique and Classic Physique Division becoming so popular, it’s important to hit the stage dialed in! From the workout regimen to the swim trunks, our male coaches know it all!

Your coach will be with you every step of the way, carefully adjusting the dials of your program, coaching you, and guiding you from the moment you begin prep to the moment you walk off the stage. You’ll hit the stage confident, bringing the best package yet!

Your Comprehensive Men’s Competition Prep Package Includes:

Remote Coaching

Weekly check-ins

Customized macro diet plans

Weekly diet updates and re-evaluations

Custom workouts and updates

Group workouts/posing clinics (schedule permitting)

Access to over 100 workout tutorial videos

Metabolic optimization and post-show planning

Carefully planned and monitored peak week

Access to Trainerize app and website

Individual posing sessions

Backstage support at all National Level shows and other shows as needed

Pre-Event Support: Assistance with suit selection, hair and make-up, tanning for show day

Continuous guidance and team camaraderie

Supplement direction

Our Guys are Dialed In!

Real FitBody Fusion Men’s Physique Athletes

How To Get Started

Your consultation is your time to get to know your coach and ensure you are the perfect fit for each other! This is also the time to learn about FitBody Fusion’s philosophy and methods used to get you stage ready or on track to tackle your improvement season!

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