Angela Rutherford

Everyone has a fitness journey and Angela is no different, she was first introduced into weight training in high school as an elective and was hooked ever since. She loved feeling strong and watching her body improve its performance, and her confidence within herself, but, at some point along the way, she became obsessed with her body and how it looked. She began to devalue who she was and started severe food restriction, thinking that would get her the body she wanted and add value to her life. Her obsession quickly evolved into a full blown eating disorder, she struggled with anorexia and bulimia into her early twenties. After years of struggling with her eating disorders she had enough! She missed who she was, and wanted her life back, she felt lost after the years of depression, food anxiety, and severe restriction. She then began educating herself on nutrition and truly found her passion when she graduated from Bryan College with an AOS degree in health and fitness and became a NASM certified personal trainer. Everything came full circle when she found FitBodyFusion, and learned how to balance and sustain her lifestyle without obsessing over food, and exercise.


Coach Angela R. loves seeing the growth her clients experience within themselves. While seeing the physical change is amazing, it’s the internal growth and journey that sets her soul on fire. Knowing how it feels to be defeated, battling depression, having low self esteem and self worth and how amazing it feels to have those breakthroughs of positive self growth is her favorite part of being a Coach. 


She is always up for helping anyone achieve their goals, but her idea of an ideal client is someone who wants to learn, someone who is coachable, takes what she tells them and apples it, executes, and wants to know what and why it’s beneficial for them, but also trusts her methods and my recommendations. 


Coach Angela R. tells her clients “I’ve done all the wrong things, so you don’t have to.” and takes the time to understand what their goals are, why they are important, and what their weaknesses are before going into any program. This allows her to create custom training and nutrition plans for them while taking into consideration what is sustainable for each individual. Being in the bodybuilding world since 2012, she has the knowledge to help her clients find, reach, and achieve their goals then move onto the next ones all while keeping their health and well-being as the foundation for their change. 


When coach Angela R. isn’t prepping for a show, you find her grinding in the gym, meal prepping, and working on self development. She is a huge animal lover and enjoys walking her dogs, spending time trail riding with her horses, as well as anything involving the outdoors, like hiking, and camping. 

IG: _angelarutherford_


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