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FitBody Fusion brings together top talent, tools and care for your mind, body, and metabolism.

In our Total Body Transformation and Lifestyle Program, we offer a flexible nutrition and health platform, combined with accountability coaching. This program was designed by top fitness professions to help guide clients to their goals. Whether that is to drop 50lbs or pack on 10lbs of muscle, through a sustainable program our coaches will guide you there every step of the way.

Here at FitBody Fusion, we focus on long term success. No extreme exercises. No restrictive diets. No quick fixes just to gain back the weight, plus more. Our coaches will provide you with the tools and knowledge to change your body, and lifestyle.

All of our Transformation Programs Include:

A complete assessment of your body to identify the best program for you

Monitored tracking of your personal body metrics to help you adjust along the way to meet your goals

A program personalized to your individual metabolism and lifestyle

Direct access to a personal coach and the FBF support team

Introduction to the EPAT methodology & the ART of Living platform

Weekly check ins and support from your personal coach

Weekly support and check ins with a personal coach

Learn how to get healthy, look and feel amazing for life

Before and Afters

Real People. Real Food. Flexible Living.

How-To Get Started

It’s never been easier to achieve lasting results.

In your first session with a coach, you’ll be discussing your current lifestyle, past experiences,  fitness levels, nutrition habits, and your story. Your coach will use this information to handcraft your nutrition and fitness plan tailored to your needs.

After your first meeting with your personal coach, within 24 hrs you will receive your personalized plan. You’ll be learning some new information and building some new healthy habits along the way that will give you increased control over your transformation.

Each week, you’ll have the opportunity to check in with your coach, make any adjustments to fine tune your program, and get support on any part of the program that requires additional help.

It’s really important to stay consistent with your program, accurately record your metrics, and keep your coach in the loop on your progress, thoughts, feelings, and honest observations along the way. We’re here to help! The more open and honest you are, the more effective we can be together.

Get Started Now!

We Believe in Real Food!

Real Food has ingredients you can read, pronounce and understand. Carbs, fats and sugars are not our enemies. We understand their role in the rocket fuel of abundant and fit lifestyles.

Our program provides you with the flexibility and abundance of food options. We keep it real and take a balanced approach to food. We encourage healthy habits and enjoying foods that taste great.

So bring on the bacon guac burgers, and pour the wine if you want to, in moderation of course.

We have a system that allows you to choose your food and fuel your metabolism properly. We’re focused on building abundant, sustainable and healthy lifestyles, not fad diets.

Anything less leads to binging habits. There is no need to have a cheat day when you can eat foods you enjoy everyday. And we have the program for you.

We Mean it. Real Food!

Experience The ART of Living

Our approach to our Transformation and Lifestyle programs is vastly different than the fad diets you may have tried. We’re not purists. We’re not extreme warriors. We are family.

We guide with grace, gentleness, challenge and ownership. We work for lasting results, shifting behaviors and creating abundant lifestyles.

If you’re looking for a transformative experience where you can keep it real, get support, enjoy flexibility, and experience the ART of living, you’ve found it.

Aspire, Reach & Thrive with our FitBody Family.


Real People. Balance, Fun, and Flexible Living.

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FitBody Fusion transformation clients have their bodies and lives enriched through individualized programs that allow them to achieve their personal health and fitness goals. Our ART of Living approach (Aspire Reach Thrive) takes clients through a process of setting goals, building skills to achieve their goals and learning what it will take to maintain their goal physique.

Most people throughout their lives go on many diets that allow them to lose body fat only to gain it back and more. FitBody Fusion Coaches help clients reprogram their thinking and habits, raise their metabolisms through proper nutrition and reasonable exercise, and regain energy and vigor.

No potions, lotions, shakes or magnets!

Learn how to eat all the treats you love in moderation along with lots of healthy unprocessed food while doing the level and type of exercise you enjoy.

Our ART of living approach introduces clients to a flexible platform for fitness, nutrition and growth. We break bad habits, create new mindsets and build abundant lifestyles.

All of our Transformation programs include:

  • A complete assessment of your body to identify the best program for you
  • Monitored Tracking of Personal Body Metrics to measure and show your progress
  • Introduction to the EPATâ„¢ platform and the A.R.T. of Living
  • Weekly support and check-in with a personal coach
  • Instruction on basic meal preparation
  • Learn How to get healthy and stay healthy for life!

Finally, Food, Fitness and Peace of Mind for Busy Lifestyles.


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